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KEY DIFFERENCE. AngularJS is a structural framework for developing dynamic web apps, whereas React is a javascript library that allows you to build UI components. Angular JS is based on MVC (Model View Controller) whereas React is based on Virtual DOM. Angular is based on Typescript and React is based on Javascript

 React and Angular be used together?

Angular and React solves the same problems, but in different ways. A benefit of not tying your business logic layer to the Angular module system is that it’s easier to migrate to something else. A lof of people use a Flux architecture together with React, but there’s nothing React specific with Flux.

Angular vsReactJS

 Javascript is one of the most popular languages among developers nowadays. There are a lot of developers, freshers and experienced love to build their application or project using JavaScript but still there is confusion when they have to pick up right framework or library for their project.
Angular and ReactJs is their topmost priority but still, most of them are unable to decide which one would be good for their project. Fresher want to know which one is easy to learn and which one has more demand in the market for job purpose.