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Intelligent apps (I-apps) are the next generation of apps that make our everyday tasks and experiences remarkably well. Thanks to Intelligent apps, our smartphones recognize speech, help us make confident decisions, and enable us to understand unknown languages through translation.

The next generation of mobile applications will be the result of multiple worlds colliding: when application development meets artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data analytics, intelligent apps are the outcome. Put simply, these are apps that continually learn from user interactions and other data sources to become even more relevant and useful.

Smart apps

Chatbots, virtual assistants and recommendation engines on e-commerce sites are just some examples of intelligent applications. While it’s difficult to formulate a catch-all definition of smart apps, they have a number of typical features:


intelligent apps combine and process multiple data sources – such as IoT sensors, beacons or user interactions – and turn an enormous quantity of numbers into valuable insights.

Contextual and relevant:

intelligent apps make much smarter use of a device’s features to proactively deliver highly relevant information and suggestions. Users will no longer have to go to their apps. Instead, the apps will come to them.

Continuously adapting

thanks to machine learning, intelligent apps continuously adapt and improve their output.


by anticipating user behaviors with predictive analytics, smart applications deliver personalized and actionable suggestions.


progressive web applications (PWAs) are increasingly blurring the lines between native apps and mobile web applications.